The Church Had Nothing to Say

I was standing on what looked like a bridge which looked like London Bridge. As I was walking from one side of the bridge to the other, a mass of people came running towards me.  They were crying, screaming  and began to fall on the floor grabbing at my trouser leg. I could hear people sobbing, while seeing the anxiety etched on their faces and were crying as they asked me help them.

There was one person's voice which stood out in the crowd. It was the voice of someone saying to me


"Help me Pastor Lance, Help, I don't know what to do and now I have to make a choice and I am worried, help me"


The crying and sobbing around me was immense and by this time the countenance on my face had changed, I was concerned.  The person asking for help continued to speak saying


"I don't want to take the vaccine but I am being forced to and if I don't take the vaccine, I am going to lose my job, my house everything"

I looked at the anguish on the faces of the people I could see crying and I was speechless.  I couldn't talk, I had nothing to say.​  I woke  up out of the dream and in my distressed state I immediately asked the Holy spirit to interpret the dream for me.  The reply from heaven was:


"You represent the Church and the people coming to you were in need of advice and guidance and you had nothing to say.  My Church isn't ready for what's happening now much less for the things to come - Prepare them."

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