The Enemy is Advancing​

As I was waking up out of afternoon nap, I could clearly see before me, men climbing over a wall and behind them were more men waiting to climb over the wall.

But suddenly I saw a few people poking their heads out of the windows of the house that the walls were protecting, the people poking their heads out of the window; appeared to be attacking the people trying to climb over the wall, one by one they were being picked off.


But when I looked at the number of men waiting to climb over the wall, I could see that they out-numbered the men that were trying to protect the building.



In the dream  the men trying to climb over or breach the wall was the enemy, and they were vast in number. A few of the men (enemy) penetrated the wall, which means they had got into the fortified place. the place of safety, the church, our lives, our homes but were spotted as they got in.

The enemy outnumbered the few that were defending the house and as I asked the Holy Spirit to show me he said


The Church is reacting to the events played out by the enemy, and the watchman haven't been watching and there is no one to sound the alarm, BUT... even though the homes, the lives of many, the church had been invaded the few were able to hold back the enemy


If the Church doesn't pray you will not be able to hold them back for too long as they have set themselves in a battle array against me and my creation.

Its time to awake from your slumber. Itrs time to set Watchmen on the wall.

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